Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★★

Wrath of Man is one heck of a film. The movie probably doesn't deserve 5 stars on a technical/objective point of view nor is it really a masterpiece but I enjoy myself way too much to give it anything less than 5 stars. Jason Statham is the man, leave to him to give a compelling and badass performance in any action movie. I just love his work. Once again as he did in the Fast and Furious movies he gives the silent but deadly vibe in Wrath of Man. He really was a clear highlight of this movie. I know that humor wasn't the whole point of this movie nor is it really significant but I found myself laughing at the majority of the jokes thrown at me in this movie. The jokes has that serious and kind of sarcastic feel to it which is my type of humor. Majority of the jokes were executed brilliantly by all the characters especially by Jason Statham. He is a comedian in disguise. I really love how Wrath of Man splits itself into three segments where as it goes on throughout the movie, it all comes together and interlinks with each other. Its like what Nolan did with Dunkirk which I absolutely loved. Guy Ritchie has a really nice filmmaking style and I absolutely adore it. He really shows his talent as a director in this movie. The action sequences, although doesn't appear as frequent as I thought it would, were a pleasure to watch. Jason Statham popping heads with bullets is the best thing ever. He even gets to kill Post Malone which I found hilarious. The acting performances all around the cast were decent. The script and the interactions between the characters were believable. The plot is very captivating and I just love revenge/heist movies like Wrath of Man. Overall, I would highly recommend a watch.

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