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  • The Forger

    The Forger

    Like How to Steal a Million if it was unbelievably boring and joyless

  • Spirited Away

    Spirited Away

    I’m sorry to be annoying but there’s something so interesting to me about the importance of true names in certain fantasy stories! Thinking about the power of names in real life being tied to identity, or how giving something a name can give it power or take power away from it, and like obviously this subject is bigger than me and my very limited perspective but I was thinking about my own name and my relationship to it and how…

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  • The Wedding Guest

    The Wedding Guest


    This movie DELIVERS if you're looking for a movie with no fewer than five scenes of two characters lying in a bed together as one of the characters stares at the other one's sleeping form until the one doing the staring finally closes their eyes and turns over and the one you thought was asleep opens their eyes and stares at the now maybe sleeping form of the former starer

  • Drop Dead Gorgeous

    Drop Dead Gorgeous


    My deepest and most secret dream is to be as sweet as Brittany Murphy is in this movie