A Scanner Darkly ★★★½

At first I was thinking the cast (with the exception of Keanu and Winona) was like a who's who of people I hate but then I realized I was only focusing on Robert Downey Jr and I have no real problem with Woody Harrelson or Rory Cochrane even though they were clearly relishing in their roles in a way that was very annoying to me but my hatred of Robert Downey Jr is such that it feels like a hatred of three or four men instead of just one man! Like the bubble of my hatred that I cast over RDJ is so big that it covers everyone else in the room with him to the point that I kept forgetting Keanu and Winona were in this movie even as they were sharing scenes with him! 
I will say the movie shines the most when the focus is on Keanu alone in the scramble suit. His soft sad eyes! (If I were The-Lake-House-Keanu, I might describe them as gentle, unguarded eyes) The yellow light reflected in them! His great beard scruff! Then the sad monologue about the scanners! All of his confusion and hopelessness! The sad role that was made for him! 
Don't even get me started about the scene in the car when Winona asks him to take her to a concert and how genuinely delighted they seem to be in each other's company! I wish I had watched this with Meg at Keanuthon at 5:45am!

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