Constantine ★★★★★

Meg prefaced our screening by telling me that this wasn't a five star movie but I know she was lying to not oversell it to me! But people have been underselling this movie to me for fourteen years!!! This five star rating is genuine!! I didn't like it ironically! I loved it and I mean that! My emotional response to this was honestly unprecedented! Keanu was so hot and cool! (I was actually thinking that he looked like especially hot until he looked healthy and normal at the end after Lucifer cured his lung cancer and I realized his character's sickliness was directing linked to me finding him especially hot and like that's not surprising to me but let me just say the reasoning behind it is not a part of my psyche I care to explore! Whatever! It's probably just my Venus in the 8th house! The closer a man looks to death, the hotter I think he is! Let's not delve in any further!) I can't believe Gavin Rossdale was in this, by the way. Meg also gave a very moving speech about Keanu's qualities of sincerity and sensitivity after the movie was over and I wish I had recorded it! If people understood the nature of his sincerity, this movie would be more critically acclaimed!

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