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  • Rabbit Habit

    Rabbit Habit


    Interesting piece of toonhead satire we got here.

    Is this the first instance of someone saying "these cartoon characters are on drugs"?

    Stuff like this and Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown being made during the times they were in proves there will always be an audience for "edgy", "adult" parodies of children's cartoons.

    Albeit this one is much more held back, as the Looney Tunes was still seen as an adult thing, so the filmmakers were wise enough to hold things back and not desperate to please a bunch of horny, trigger-happy teenagers.

    I do like Magilla Gorilla coming in at the end.

  • Dumb Money

    Dumb Money


    Was wondering why my mom was interested in seeing this film until I pieced together in my head on how she's always looking at stock prices nowadays.

    I honestly enjoyed this a good deal. Nothing really groundbreaking, but it had just enough comedy and drama in terms of your average "gotta make the audience care for the actor playing real people" movie.

    The billionaires aren't total-mustache villains (outside of one example), which is nice.

    I had only read about this…

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  • Nimona



    I can't recall the last time I saw a film filled with the typical "mainstream animated movie" tropes while still pushing on the verge of tears.

    I've been following this film from the very beginning since it was announced; I actually read the original webcomic in its graphic novel form because of it. From excitement to being upset by its cancellation by Disney to being overjoyed hearing that it would be picked up by Netflix.

    It should be stated that…

  • Tear Along the Dotted Line

    Tear Along the Dotted Line


    Watched in Italian with English subtitles

    It's strange that there are only a few notable countries that have an industry for animation. Kind of sad.

    Now, I wanted to watch this after reading at least one of Zerocalare's books that he's drawn and written. However, a mutual of mine who is from Italy pushed me to watch the show when it was still new.

    There is a level of honesty at play here that I haven't seen in some adult…