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  • Point Break

    Point Break


    A young FBI agent investigating a series of gang robberies infiltrate the surfing community in order to find the possible culprits and forges a friendship with one of the surfers (who of course turns out to be the leader of gang). Yes, it does sound silly and absolutely fucking ridiculous (which is why I put it off for so long). And it IS silly and fucking ridiculous. But it is also so much fun (and very early '90s). Thanks to…

  • The Only Son

    The Only Son


    This is an early work, an early talkie, may I add, by one of the masters Yasujiro Ozu. A poor factory worker sends her only son to Tokyo for higher education and a better life. She visits him as an adult but finds that his life isn't that much better despite his education. The film is a beautiful humanist work which both celebrates the innate goodness of humanity yet also breaks your heart for the realities of life (or at…

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  • Crumb



    An endlessly fascinating documentary on controversial cartoonist/comic book artist/satirist Robert Crumb. We get a peek into his life, his work and his family (among his brothers, as it turns out, HE'S the normal one.) You need not be a fan or even be familiar with his work to be fascinated by this remarkable documentary. It gets kind of personal, uncomfortable, shocking and sometimes really funny. Terry Zwigoff creates a fascinating document of a truly remarkable and unique artist. It must be seen by anyone even remotely interested in art.

  • Whiplash



    Whoah. This is an intense, exhilarating (just like the blurb in the posters say) film. An ambitious young jazz drummer gets tormented both physically, psychologically and emotionally by a brutal teacher who pushes him beyond his limits in order to realize his full potential and achieve greatness. What follows is not an emotional, feel-good inspiring tale (well, not-so-much) but a brutally honest examination of what it means to achieve one's ambitions. The buzz around JK Simmons' performance is well-earned, IMO…