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  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Betty Gilpin is so super bad ass. She is imminently watchable. It’s too bad the film betrays her power by pretending it would be an even match between her and Hilary Swank. She should have dispatched Hilary in 2 seconds like she did all the rest. The movie should have ended at 70 minutes. Last act descends into a cat fight I certainly didn’t care to see. It just makes the story so small. There’s nothing greater to over come…

  • The Empire Strikes Back

    The Empire Strikes Back


    Man, what a palpable slice of nostalgia re-watching Empire on the big screen. I hadn’t seen it since I was 12, on the biggest screen we had here in Toronto at the time, The University theatre, now a Pottery Barn. Watching the asteroid belt scenes, I remembered how genuinely terrified I was that Han and crew would make it through. And that place where Lando is seemed so distant and exotic. And of course, Darth Vader was the scariest thing…

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  • The Shining

    The Shining


    Re-watch with commentary track with steadicam operator and inventor Garrett Brown and biographer John Baxter. This commentary track is a huge revelation to any cinephile and also to DOPs and camera operators. Garrett Brown is so well spoken and his insights are a true asset. He pulls back the curtain on how just about everything in the film was achieved. So if you don't want the magic taken out of it, be sure to skip this track. I enjoyed the…

  • Hereditary



    Super strange film. Cinematically thrilling. Toni Collette's Oscar worthy performance along with Alex Wolff's stunning supporting work makes this an unexpected treat for its acting. One of the slowest burns I've experienced. We're not even introduced to the main theme of the film, possession through seance until an hour into the picture. Features a gripping sound scape that deftly plays with eerie drone notes and silence. Some truly outstanding cinematic sequences. Though overall it leans towards the self-referential in its…