Loving Vincent ★★★★★

This movie deserve 1000 stars. IT TOOK SEVEN YEARS TO DO THIS MOVIE. CAN WE JUST ALL ACKNOWLEDGE THAT?  Beautiful, original, poetic but solemn, Loving Vincent is without a doubt a hypnotic and captivating experience from end to end.

I noticed some comments on the script, but is that important? Yes but it is not everything. We see flashbacks going back and forth trying to understand Vincent along with the main character. Each version is different and even contradictory. Maybe we will never know the real story to fully understand Vincent Van Gogh. 

This movie just gave you a unique visual journey. imitating Vincent's brushstrokes, with blues, greens and yellows that took you to Vincent's world. The image is also a narrative means of telling stories which tells much more about Vincent's life.

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