My Neighbors the Yamadas ★★★★

I can see how this movie isn't for everyone. Not a lot necessarily happens in this film, and the animation probably couldn't be more different than Ghibli's house style.

However, I found it very refreshing, it kinda felt almost like a water-colour kid's storybook which I feel matches the tone of the movie. The wholesome misadventures of the quirky Yamada family feel like they leap right off the pages of a kid's storybook. Yet when these episodes become slightly more 'adult-themed', the animation style resembles the classic Ghibli style more. This gives these scenes a lot more weight, and it's really cool to see these stylistic character designs transitioning between animation styles.

Also this movie is really funny, and despite the changed animation style the film still has that distinctive Ghibli tone.

Also the soundtrack is a bop.