Inferno ★★★★½

EDIT: after thinking more this deserves a 4.5, I was too harsh. This was amazing. 

After watching Suspiria I felt like I needed to just keep riding that Argento train. However, I was a little disappointed. Not that this was BAD by any means, but it was nothing compared to Suspiria. I guess I would have expected that after the success of Suspiria Argento would get a bigger budget to expand even more of his ideas, but it seemed like this was a much lower film in regards to production design. The lighting obviously was still beautiful, and I continue to be mystified by Argento’s mythological/witchy storytelling. The entire mythos of the Three Mothers was very exciting, and I’m intrigued to watch the third in the series (though I have heard it’s the worst). Needless to say, this kind of feels like Suspiria’s subtle, stalking sister, and I’m okay with that.

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