• Kung Fu Panda 2

    Kung Fu Panda 2


    A surprisingly dark story in which Po the lovable Panda tackles his PTSD driven waking nightmares about the genocide of his entire race. 

    It’s a severe downgrade from the first, but still a fun time

  • Kung Fu Panda

    Kung Fu Panda


    Yeah I mean, it’s a masterpiece 🤷‍♂️

    didn’t even get to finish it this time, but watched two thirds so I figured I’d log it

  • Pink Flamingos

    Pink Flamingos


    100 Randomly Selected Picks From My Watchlist: Pick 9

    “Animal rights activists always say to me: how could you kill a chicken for a movie? Well, I eat chicken and I know the chicken didn’t land on my plate from a heart attack. We bought the chicken from a farmer who advertised ‘freshly killed chicken’. I think we made the chicken’s life better: got to be in a movie, got fucked, and then right after before the next take the…

  • Cry of the Werewolf

    Cry of the Werewolf


    100 Randomly Selected Picks From My Watchlist: Pick 8

    Honestly this was probably worse than this score, but I just love 1940s B movie horror. What can I say, I’m a simple man.give me some black and white shadows and an at least half-interesting monster and I’m here for anything else that comes along.

  • The Cars That Ate Paris

    The Cars That Ate Paris


    100 Randomly Selected Picks From My Watchlist: Pick 7

    In all honesty, I find cars terrifying. A few years ago I had a friend who was unfortunately killed in a car/bike accident, and I’ve been unable to learn how to drive since (though I’m working on it). They are clunky death machines. 

    On the other hand, I find them exciting. There is nothing like a long road trip across the country, or a late night ride with no particular place…

  • Nope



    I really appreciate Peele’s commitment to telling stories he wants to tell. Whether or not you like them, it’s obvious that each of his films are personal projects, that they were made from a genuine need to create and shape a vision of something. Nope is no different, clunks and all. 

    Gorgeously shot, an amazing ensemble cast, strong conceptual ideas — it’s a great film. My biggest qualms are about the overall execution. The pacing and timeline I felt was…

  • The Housemaid

    The Housemaid


    100 Randomly Selected Picks From My Watchlist: Pick 6

    Posting this review late simply because I forgot lol

    This was good. I honestly don’t have much to say, it’s very apparent the film’s influence on Parasite, particularly in the set design/blocking of scenes within the home. Feels Hitchcockian in that way as well (as does Parasite). I really appreciated when the film pushed its cinematic language a bit — like popping into random images of rats dying from poison, or extreme closeups on interlocked hands. Did it wow me? No not really. But that’s okay, not everything has to.

  • All the Colors of the Dark

    All the Colors of the Dark


    100 Randomly Selected Picks From My Watchlist: Pick 5

    Ingrained within PTSD, a woman gets taken advantage of by a demonic cult in her time of weakness. What follows is the witnessing of one person’s descent into a different reality, losing her grip on real experiences vs. psychotic visions. A reflection of life with mental illness that you don’t understand your self, and people taking advantage and abusing their position of power over you because of it. An absolutely stunning film. Every time I watch a Giallo it makes me itch for more.

    Plus, definitely in the top 5 best opening scenes of all time.

  • Small Soldiers

    Small Soldiers


    100 Randomly Selected Picks From My Watchlist: Pick 4

    “I think WW2 is my favorite war.”

    Gremlins meets Toy Story, this is a wonderful entry in Dante’s filmography. I personally feel like it’s concept is more exciting to me than the final product, but it’s a blast from start to finish of fun.  A sensible critique of the American obsession with violence, as well as a painfully realistic look at consumerism, it’s a great blueprint for a perfect film. It came out…

  • The Simpsons Movie

    The Simpsons Movie


    Streaming this off Disney+ hits in a certain way when Bart wears a black bra on his head and pretends to be an evil corporate Mickey Mouse. 

    I loved this movie as a kid, even though I didn’t quite get it. My older brother and I would watch it together, and the age gap was big enough that he’d laugh at the older jokes, and I’d laugh at Homey getting hit in the head a million times (as it was…

  • Apocalypse Pooh

    Apocalypse Pooh


    Missed opportunity to call it “Apoohcalypse Now”.

  • Event Horizon

    Event Horizon


    A chilling take on the haunted house, Anderson’s Event Horizon is a hellraised, sci-punked, juiced up mess. But a hot mess! 

    I had a fantastic time watching it. I especially loved the set design, easily my favorite aspect of the film. The Event Horizon’s corridors and interiors model after gothic architecture — a darkened cathedral of the cosmos. It adds so much to the atmosphere of the film, and really communicates early on that this isn’t just an alien force that’s…