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  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma


    An interesting look at the effects of social media and tech companies. Nothing we don't already don't know but thought provoking enough when all brought together. When it focuses on the social, mental and cultural impact and the manipulation of all 'users', you realise the impact they truly have.

    As someone who works in this industry, no products are designed to be the way some have turned out, but more so, ethical/social/personal considerations weren't at the forefront of the design…

  • Nicole



    Nicole is an off the wall look at a bad date and how not to behave on one. The build up and insight into Nicole's mind is the key here. Shot in black & white and partly in colour, this empowering, horror/comedy is a slow burn that builds to surreal crescendo. Thought provoking

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  • Tigers Are Not Afraid

    Tigers Are Not Afraid


    A total masterpiece. Issa Lopez takes a current issue, wraps some beautifully crafted magic around it and gives us a story that will have you heart pounding from the level of emotion that has built up. Some of the imagery is immense, the setting, the story telling...everything about it works. The child actors draw you into their world, they struggles, their fights, the daily battles to survive and in amongst all this we still see some child like imagination. Simply…

  • Blind



    Nothing much happens... glaring plot holes, disjointed flow, some pretty cringey dialogue...the premise could have been so much more.. it's looks pretty though