Malcolm Lay

Malcolm Lay


I am a member of Take 3 Productions. I love Quiz nights, Karaoke and movies.

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  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm


    I enjoyed this movie. Just like the first movie, this is likely going to be one that will get really old over any rewatches. But This was a fun movie.

    Maria Bakalova was great as Borat's Daughter and i would love to see more movies with that character if Sacha Baron Cohen wants to use Borat very sparingly.

  • Hubie Halloween

    Hubie Halloween


    Adam Sandler said that he was going to make the worst movie ever after Uncut Gems was snubbed at the Oscars. But this was actually a surprise, It was a pretty good movie.

    The Cast was all great and no-one seemed like they were just there for a paycheck. The story was pretty good. It wasn't overally funny for a comedy BUT just like Murder Mystery, It actually worked as a pretty good light horror movie for those that may not be into the heavily scary Horror movie.

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  • Tenet



    Tenet is a pretty good movie. I loved all the acting and John David Washington and Robert Pattinson's chemistry is really good. The story itself was fun.

  • Empire Records

    Empire Records


    I really don't get why people enjoy this movie