Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★

here it is ladies and gentlemen, my triumphant return to letterboxd. with this pointless ass movie. 

i’ve been trying to compose my thoughts on this for the last two days. this was a tough one because i went in so excited! it’s my first tarantino i’ve watched in the theater and i frankly expected better. this film has a plot so bare it works against itself, scenes that go absolutely nowhere, pointless dialogue, and nonexistent character development. the only intriguing part of this film was the interaction with the Manson Family, and even until the end it felt forced in a way. with that being said, there are a handful of great scenes— i loved the scene of booth and pussycat in the car, and the scenes with dalton and trudi. it felt like i spent three hours sitting in a theater waiting around for about 20 minutes of good content.