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  • The Triplets of Belleville

    The Triplets of Belleville


    A big old dumb animation.....but I have to admit, it held me from start to finish. Those triplets sure transitioned into avant-garde performances seamlessly though.

  • God's Angry Man

    God's Angry Man


    Am I watching a representation of a segment of Trump voters? It sure feels that way. There must be something that's taken in by a huckster's "righteous" anger. That beautiful moment where he sits silently for a few moments and you're waiting for him to explode because nobody's giving him the money ("it's not even about the money"). Is male sterility a symptom of why this anger manifested itself on TV? At the start, I thought it was wrong that…

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  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    If there were ever a further illustration of how to lose a philosophy for your film with a director who's big on visuals but a little bit sketchy on storyline, this is your prime suspect. I had dreaded this film since it was made public that they were setting up a sequel.

    Visually it looks quite easy on the eye but to my mind it looks a little too clean and orderly for a post-apocalyptic world, there's no real sense…

  • Sophia Antipolis

    Sophia Antipolis


    A patchwork of the emptiness that lives inside us as humans. While there is no discernible plot - only in the loosest sense do we know that a 16 year old with a tampered ID managed to get herself breast implants and has gone missing presumed dead. Instead of dealing with the case in hand of what happened to her, we're given a broad spectrum of the things that have cropped up in this day and age in society. It…