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  • Noroît
  • The Hourglass Sanatorium
  • The Suns of Easter Island
  • Miraculous Virgin

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  • The Changing of the Guard

  • Battle

  • Tale of a Toy

  • What's In a Number

Recent reviews

  • Ladies Only

    Ladies Only

    A noble documentary showcasing how women took to the workforce somewhat let down by it's plummy narrator's over-enunciated manner. You also get the feeling that there's a man who's written the script and it just doesn't mesh well at all.

  • The Stone Carriers

    The Stone Carriers

    Your average Geography lesson in school coupled together with a Thatcherite love of market economies - it's the worst of both worlds!

Popular reviews

  • Juliet in Paris

    Juliet in Paris


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Juliet Berto plays a bloodthirsty student who needs her fix of blood whether it's watching the blood from her gums drip down the drain of a sink or slicing up a kitty and drinking it's blood for the sake of retaining some blood in her system. She has a fairly peculiar condition in which she loses blood level just by walking around the streets of Paris. The act of lovemaking can have some uncomfortable repercussions (she bleeds from the neck…

  • Metastasis



    It's basically a toilet changing colours set to a Toshi Ichiyanagi soundtrack that sounds like you're in the midst of a nuclear meltdown. Coupled with the visuals, it goes rather well I think. Having said that, this is the kind of film you would (or could) see getting spoofed on comedy shows that make fun of pretentious avant-garde/arthouse cinema types because it's THAT kind of film.