The Witches of Salem ★★★½

A co-production between the French and East German DEFA film companies, they took on Arthur Miller's explosive play The Crucible and one can certainly feel the spirit of the age, the stifling, oppressive McCarthyist era politics. And this is its great strength as well as it's overarching weakness. You don't just feel the oppression, the madness, the insanity, it grips you by the throat by how overbearing it all is.

Certainly, in Hollywood at that time, making this film was akin to an act of suicide and who better than the French and the East Germans to tackle the subject head on. The roles played by Yves Montand and Mylene Demongeot are played with such conviction that it's impossible to think of anyone else playing those roles (yes I know there's the later rendition but I focus solely on this), especially when the hysteria is slowly ratcheting up to 11.