Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★½

The movie was well made as fuck,,, however.

You know what would be great...... not relying on r*pe/assault/femicide for entertainment..?? @hollywood can you fucking get on it please because I'm tired of these men directing movies that make me have to clench my friends' hands and (almost or deadass) walk out of the theaters mid-movie because they think it's so cool and shocking and edgy and sp0okie to show women get abused and then tell me it's empowering to see them get revenge because bitch it's not-- it's just triggering and fucking disappointing.
NO you do not know what it's like to live as a woman and it isn't right to make a film that relies so much on femme experience and wanting to respect women when you clearly are disregarding our safety in presenting such crude sexual trauma with no other motive than to horrify and amaze the audience. You cannot tell me this was empowering because about 2% of what I saw was an attempt at empowerment and the rest was simply terror mixed with male gaze.

And all that on my mofoking birthday?????
Goodbye, rant over

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