Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★½

F**k Bootleg Zack Effron

This was a wild ride. It's a film just oozing with style. From the color pallet, to the soundtrack, and the direction. Carey Mulligan absolutely owns the part and fully blends into the aesthetic of the film. Finally, the third act of this film only adds an exclamation point to an already great package.

There are a few scenes where the writing felt a little too generic or tonally inconsistent, and some performances that were maybe a little to over the top for my taste. But when the credits roll, Promising Young Woman has you in a place where none of that even matters.

*Unrelated, this is probably my last new watch of the year. The pandemic has been horrible in so many ways but I am greatful it gave me the time to explore so many corners of cinema where I hadn't been to before. I also appreciate everyone that likes, reads, or comments on my reviews. I'm glad that in a time of so much isolation there are so many people around the world that this app has connected me to. Even if only passingly or briefly. Anyways, I don't want to get too sappy so I will cut myself off there. I hope 2021 is so much better for all of us, and I wish everyone a happy new year!

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