The Witch

The Witch ★★½

Nice to see the murdering rabbit from The Holy Grail getting work again!

I have to say I found this experience kinda underwhelming, obviously the film does quite a few things well but for me it just didn't click. The performances were all excellent especially with the high volume of child actors. The cinematography was pretty good and I really like Robert Eggers commitment to using period accurate dialogue.

I think the issue here was the atmosphere and tone, for me at least. I thought it started out really strong, with a lot of establishing shots and an unsettling score but I just don't think it built on that enough to reel me in. The movie is really slow as well for a film just over an hour and a half and thats fine, but in that case its extra important that the tone is effective and dominant. I never really felt in suspense and the "disturbing" scenes were too far and few between to put me on edge. This may also be due to the fact that the roku channel has to run ads every 10 minutes and disrupt the flow of the film so I'll take that into consideration. It's definitely hard to take it seriously when a witch is grinding up a baby and it immediately cuts to a borat going "yagshamesh I have returned"

Maybe its because the lighthouse did all these things so much better, that I feel underwhelmed in this case. But I was trying my best to look at the film without that context, although I can't say I was fully successful...

So after mulling on this for a bit I can't say this movie was bad, because it wasn't. I think its good for what it is but I'll mostly just chalk it up to me having a hard time getting into horror.

The good news is that clearly Robert has improved on everything I thought was missing and I can't wait to see whats next.

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