Three Colors: White

Three Colors: White ★★★½

Honestly I think the safest bet to ensure your trilogy is quality is to throw in some Julie Delpy, she's 2 for 2 rn (granted I think she was under-utilized in this one).

So even though I watched them slightly out of order I can't say I really felt like I was missing out. There was no moment in this film where I retroactively wished I had watched it before Red.

It's funny to say this is the weakest of the three films when in reality I think it is a great film in its own regard, it's only lessoned by how good it's contemporaries were.

The plot is definitely the most action packed and the tone is much lighter. I found myself laughing and some bits and genuinely surprised by the direction it took. I think where it stumbles, is although pretty, the cinematography in this film doesn't quite reach the same masterful levels as the other ones, especially in terms of movement and incorporation of the titular color. I also wish Dominique had more of an arch in this film, so we could understand her point of view a bit more.

I like how each of the films in the trilogy took a liberal approach to the themes of liberty, equality, and fraternity and showed them in ways you wouldn't necessarily expect.

I read that these themes weren't even the main framework for the films but rather included to secure french support and funding (If this is true they were still incorporated masterfully). Rather ideas centered around personal responsibility, blending of european ideals, and intense and sometimes dangerous male longing, and voyeurism were meant to be the driving themes, which I can really see.

If I had to do an immediate post binge ranking it would be:

Blue > (A very close second) Red > White

How would you guys rank them?

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