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  • The Anderson Tapes


  • Dread Poets' Society


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  • Baal


    The latest episode of Pop Screen afforded me the opportunity to sing the praises of Alan Clarke and sing like David Bowie. It was tremendous fun. You can also now watch this edition on YouTube

  • Privilege



    On this week's Pop Screen Graham and I ostensibly take a look at this excellent, sobering satire from Peter Watkins but, as is our want, it becomes a tangent-filled edition that takes in everything from my dislike of both Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss' writing and the voice over in The Hateful Eight, to some of our favourite comedies and the situation in Ukraine. Plus a shout out to my old English teacher.

    Now available on YouTube too.

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  • The Anderson Tapes

    The Anderson Tapes

    "Hey Duke, you look swell on the TV"

    Sean Connery was always at his best with Sidney Lumet and, whilst The Anderson Tapes doesn't reach the high standards of The Hill or The Offence (their other collaborations), it does nonetheless afford the Scotsman the opportunity to break out from the 007 tuxedo that had become such a straitjacket. Clearly relaxed and enjoying himself, Connery relishes the chance that the character of safecracker Duke Anderson affords him, even going as far…

  • Dread Poets' Society

    Dread Poets' Society


    A time travelling Lord Byron (Alex Jennings) peers at the proffered newspaper in puzzlement. "Is this English?" he enquires. Timothy Spall's travelling salesman Derek drolly replies "It's The Sun".

    Benjamin Zephaniah tries to explain Derek - and the present day of 1987 - to Alan Cumming's Shelley. " He's just a misguided proletariat, the same as me. A victim of the oppressor...the same one you had in 1820"

    "In 1987?" Shelley is aghast. "Surely all oppression must be vanquished? Our…

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  • I, Daniel Blake

    I, Daniel Blake


    St Helens Disability Advice and Welfare Network, St Helens Jobcentre, Ashton-In-Makerfield Jobcentre, Huyton Jobcentre, Apex Charitable Trust, Shaw Trust St Helens, Starting Point St Helens.

    Just some of the places I've worked at that involve helping people into work, getting people 'job ready' or dealing with people's benefit claims.

    Jobseekers allowance, Incapacity benefit, Employment and Support allowance, Carers allowance.

    Just some of the benefits I've claimed since (and between) those jobs.

    I've ran jobclubs, CV making courses and jobmatch programmes,…

  • Elephant



    40 minutes.

    18 killings.

    3 lines of dialogue.

    No structure, seemingly.

    No rhyme or reason, seemingly.

    Just the elephant in the room.

    A brutal uncompromising look at Sectarian assassination that dramatises genuine events and forces you to consider the Troubles in a way that acres of news coverage cannot. Just what is your gut reaction at the end of it? Does the endless cadence of footfall and gunfire go some way to desensitise you or does it make you realise…