Amarcord ★★★½

I've been meaning to watch this for years and I've really no excuse, as I've had the DVD for some time now. I did plan to put it on over Christmas, to remind myself of a time when, over the festivities, BBC2 would treat audiences to a veritable selection box of cinematic European treats. But I don't know if you are the same as me, the best laid plans and all that, the films I lifted out for such viewing often didn't get watched. Seeing as today is the 102nd anniversary of Fellini's birth, I decided today ought to be the day to finally watch Amarcord.

I've a bit of an issue with Fellini. I really like some of his films, Nights of Cabiria for example, whereas others I didn't take to at all, hello La Dolce Vita. Because of its purposefully episodic nature, Amarcord lies somewhere inbetween. I really loved it when the film concentrated on the rampant hormones of Titta and his school chums - because hey, I like big butts and I cannot lie - or on the growing influence of fascism in Italian society, but I was bored to tears with other vignettes, such as the excursion to the Grand Hotel.

One thing I will say, this has reminded me to seek out more Fellini to try and finally nail an opinion on him and, as I'm currently watching an awful lot of Italian cinema, I can't see that being a hardship.

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