Broken English ★★★★

Witches Song: Come worship at the creepy and erotic altar of Derek Jarman. An intoxicating and bewitching brew!

The Ballad of Lucy Jordan: Marianne, the ultimate survivor, came down from her wall and off of her habit to wander like a leather clad Alice through the wonderland of '79 Soho and Piccadilly with her Ballad of Lucy Jordan. I am at the age of 37 now, and I guess I've realised the very same things as that song's heroine.

Broken English: I used to be a little bit obsessed with this video. The montage of fascist destruction down the years reminded me of another song, China Girl ('Visions of swastikas in my head. Plans for everyone' could easily play over this) Jarman knew that Faithfull's Broken English was just as easily Broken England, and more was to come with the inner city riots at the start of the next decade and the miners' strike of '84.

Look out for Julian Sands in the end credits for his role as director's assistant.

I'm going to be digging out my vinyl copy of Broken English tonight!

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