Cobra ★★★

If films had a scent, then Cobra would smell of exhaust fumes, aftershave and sweaty balls.

Ostensibly Stallone's attempts to out dirty Dirty Harry (as evinced by the decision to cast Andrew Robinson as his officious superior and Reni Santoni as his partner) this actually feels more like The Gauntlet. It's based on a 1978 novel by Paula Gosling which would later be adapted once again as the Cindy Crawford/William Baldwin film Fair Game.

Many claim that Stallone did a Kurt Russell here, directing the film himself but letting George Pan Cosmatos take the credit. I can believe it too: the montage to the Robert Tepper track Angel of the City has Stallone's fingerprints all over it, recalling the stylish marriage of music and visuals that can be seen in the many montages that make up Rocky IV.

A case of a great, iconic poster but just an average movie. It's all a little po-faced and humourless, taking itself way too seriously, but I'd still like to see the original two hour, more violent cut though.

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