Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★½

And so I return for the umpteenth time to Escape from New York.

I love the premise of this. I love the cast. I love the characters. I love the dystopian aesthetic. I love the atmosphere. I love the poster. I love the universe Carpenter creates with just a few tidbits of background information. I love that this is a film which Carpenter trusts us to join the dots in that way. And I love, I absolutely fucking LOVE, the music.

So why is it that I don't really love the film as a whole?

A bit like Alien, there's so much here that appeals to me, yet I somehow never feel fully immersed watching it. It was the that way when I first saw it as a kid in the late 80s and it's the same now. It's just not a film that has my heart, and this umpteenth rewatch hasn't changed my opinion of it. I just like Escape from New York.

Carpenter has made many other films that I love, even those that I can see are, overall, a lesser achievement than this; They Live, watched again just the other day, fits that category, as perhaps does The Fog. Overall I think I still maintain that Carpenter at his best is Assault on Precinct 13.

That fucking score though ❤️

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