First Blood ★★★★

I'm pleased to say that First Blood still stands up very well as a contemporary take on Frankenstein and as a popcorn study of PTSD.

Adapted from David Morrell's excellent novel (read it, but don't expect the same ending!) the film may have been made in 1982 but it had been in development throughout the 1970s (it's fascinating to see just how many actors were considered at one point or another) and fittingly has that cynical, anti-establishment air that all the great post Watergate era 'new Hollywood' movies had.

It's just a shame that box office dictated sequels and that those sequels had no grasp or indeed interest in what the original movie was saying. Gone went Rambo's traumatised tears for what he'd seen in 'Nam and in came feats of ridiculous super-heroics. Like Anakin Skywalker, the franchise that subsequently developed turned irrevocably to the dark side and became nothing more than a jingoistic Stars and Stripes waving establishment tool for Reagan who probably wondered why he couldn't send ten Rambo's down to Grenada as seen here

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