Get Out ★★★★★

The thing about coming late to the party, as I have done here, is that everything has already been said. So I'll keep this review brief.

The genius about genres such as horror or science fiction is that they can often hold a mirror up to our contemporary issues. Jordan Peele's Get Out is arguably the finest example of this since Don Siegel's Invasion of the Body Snatchers some sixty-one years earlier. Both films address a terrible problem in society, and specifically in the US.

Peele may have well ratcheted up the peculiarity of the situation and the inherent tension by the time of the Armitage's annual get-together, but the real disturbing power in these moments lies in the fact that everything the guests say to Daniel Kaluuya's Chris, and how they react to him, is exactly the kind of behaviour black people face all the time. You can remove the horror trappings from those scenes and play it straight, and it would be just as horrific in a very real sense.

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