Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★½

Not for me alas. It's not that I found it offensive, as some audiences have done, it's just that I found it all rather dull, empty and meaningless, and a film about a regime that murdered millions should never be without insight.

Jojo Rabbit may be billed as a satire but there's very little of it apparent in its humour. Unlike say The Death of Stalin or The Great Dictator, there's no real bite, urgency or truth and so, with the punches being perpetually pulled, Jojo Rabbit is simply a comedy. Now, there's nothing necessarily wrong about making a broad, simple comedy that features Nazis ('Allo, 'Allo springs to mind), but it has to be funny. The jokes just don't really land here, making it only ever a mildly amusing experience.

The composition of the film is also flawed, coasting along like 'funny bit, funny bit, serious bit, serious bit', but neither of the two tones offer anything to say all that much, and a film about an idealogy as abhorrent as the Nazis really has to say something.

I suppose the film's USP is the adult imaginary friend of the young central character. But this just reminded me of Chris O'Dowd's Moone Boy. OK, O'Dowd wasn't playing Hitler like director Waititi is here, but the way that the dictator is handled here didn't work for me either.

There are positives. The film looks great, like Wes Anderson great, the music choices are really effective, and the performances - especially from the young cast - are really strong. But no, I just didn't see in this what its devotees have seen. Shame.

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