Only the Lonely

Only the Lonely ★★★½

This sweet natured romcom, a loose remake/variant of the classic Ernest Borgnine film Marty, has long been a favourite of mine.

Starring the much missed John Candy, Ally Sheedy and veterans Maureen O'Hara and Anthony Quinn, this is a classy warm hearted affair from writer/director Chris Columbus and producer John Hughes (making this the only film he produced but did not write) concerning a Chicago cop (Candy) who at 38 still lives at home, tied to the apron strings of his domineering Irish mother (O'Hara) When he meets timid mortuary beautician Ally Sheedy he decides to take a chance on romance, despite incurring the wrath of O'Hara.

A lovely film that uses Roy Orbison's classic song of the same name, you cannot help but watch all 100 minutes with a big smile on your face - that's when you're not laughing out loud at the genuinely funny comedic moments.

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