Rough Night ★½

Has America only just got the '90s Ladette culture?

This whole tiresome film was just 'women doing things on screen you normally see guys do'. Now, I get I'm not the target demographic for this and I may be completely wrong but here's a thing, why can't we just have funny women? Why do they have to imitate the antics of men in crappy films likes The Hangover to seem legitimate?

It also felt like the cast were pulling in different directions as there was very little chemistry and not believable as friends with a long shared history. I know that Kate McKinnon's (usually very enjoyable) thing is to appear completely alien to most of the proceedings that are going on around her, but the shtick was especially pronounced here because of the aforementioned lack of believable chemistry. The writers of The Young Ones once said that they left a page out of each script solely for Alexei Sayle to write in his appearance each week, and it often feels like there's a good few seconds gap in each scene to accommodate McKinnon. Case in point; the funny looks she gives in her first scene in the restaurant. Still, at least McKinnon is trying. Lead Scarlett Johansson, seemingly now perpetually lost outside an MCU I have no interest in, struggles to live up to the comic requirements of the film.

Whilst there are some funny moments in this, they only really ever raise a smile and I doubt that was the filmmaker's intentions. Too often the humour is less black comedy and more black hole. Also please note, shouting lines doesn't actually make them any funnier. I wish Hollywood would realise this.

Number 73 in my 52 films by Women in 2019 challenge

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