Speed ★★★★½

Sometimes you just want to watch something that is big, dumb and a lot of fun. And things don't get much bigger, dumber and funner than Speed!

Like Bad Boys, The Rock and Con Air, Speed is a near perfect '90s action blockbuster. There are only a few teensy things that let it down, but I feel it's unfair to nitpick so I'll just say this: Keanu Reeves is wooden as usual - yeah, but it's endearing here and it works in contrast to Dennis Hopper's overacting. Besides, both are overshadowed by Sandra Bullock; charm personified.

It'd been a long time since I last saw Speed and I'd almost forgotten how enjoyable it was. I like that it takes the Die Hard formula but doesn't adhere too closely to it - so no wisecracking hero, no European villain, supporting characters are all rather nice etc. It might not mean as much to me as Bad Boys say, but it's probably a better movie overall. I miss these kind of '90s blockbusters.

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