Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★

"Well, it's nice to know we're not alone, right?"

It's always good to know that. Take me, I often feel like I'm alone when I say I have no interest in the MCU and how it dominates cinema these days.

Steve G reminds me that I'm not alone, because I know he feels the same way. However, he did tell me to watch this back in January and here I am finally watching it. Like Steve, whilst superheroes don't really hold much appeal to me, I did enjoy them as a kid (and in particular Spider-Man; I have fond memories of watching The Amazing Spider-Man '70s TV series when BBC2 used to show them Thursday evenings in the late '80s). Basically, just read Steve G's review because he says exactly what I feel about superheroes and, to an extent, this movie. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse isn't going to make me a convert and I didn't really get from this what Steve did, but I appreciated that this was pretty smart, I really liked the animation and I feel its the best format for these kind of movies.

If I could choose any Spider-verse to watch though, it would be Spider-Man Noir voiced by Nicolas Cage. That appeals to my sensibilities and my taste in comic books/graphic novels (2000 AD, sort of revisionist or retro-flavoured stuff) I guess.

Also, thumbs up for the brief burst of John Parr's St Elmo's Fire!

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