Straight to Hell

Straight to Hell ★★★

Is it a cult movie or just a curio? A spaghetti western homage or an expensive holiday home movie featuring a host of drunken rock stars and some actual actors? Is it even any good?

These are just some of the questions m'colleague Graham Williamson and I attempted to resolve as we explore Alex Cox's Straight to Hell on this week's Pop Screen podcast. Needless to say, we soon got sidetracked by a variety of other barely relevant issues including the best spaghetti western film title to be delivered in an Alexei Sayle voice, the drunken amnesia of Dudley Sutton, the national treasure status of Kathy Burke, and why Fortean Times may not be the most suitable periodical for 0898 classified adverts.

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And if you're a patreon for The Geek Show, you'll be able to hear us chat about Crock of Gold, the documentary on Straight to Hell star and Pogues frontman Shane McGowan, tomorrow. You see, we have themes and everything. This shit isn't just conjured up on the bag of a fag packet you know?

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