Super November ★★★★★

This film couldn't be more me if it turned out that it too had an unfortunate ill advised haircut in 1995 that made it look a little like Dale Winton.

Josie Long is my spirit animal and I will fight to the death, to the death, mind, anyone who disrespects this beautiful comrade.

Having previously collaborated with director Douglas King and co-star Darren Osborne in two previous short films, Let's Go Swimming and Romance & Adventure, Long delivers a really profound, political statement in Super November, billed as a a cross between Drinking Buddies and Children of Men. It's two-act structure is a bold one; opening with a standard sweet indie tale of romance and friendship before veering off into a terrifying dystopia of life under a right-wing coup. In doing so, the film poses the question 'is this how fascism arrives?' Does it simply creep up on you, turning your lead role in the romcom of life into a sinister nightmare?

Shot on a budget of just £4000, this is a deeply confident and charming, emotionally affecting and heartfelt, intelligent and thought provoking indie with a believable cast led by Long, Osborne and James Allenby-Kirk, with a sweetly funny supporting turn from Chris Forbes. Long, a committed left-wing activist wrote the story with no idea of the world we'd be living in now. Filmed in Scotland in 2016 with the shadow of the Indy Ref looming large, Brexit occurred during the shoot and Trump became president as they wrapped. Viewed today, it genuinely feels like events that could possibly take place in three months time and that's genuinely disturbing. But it's also a funny film, a (bitter)sweet affair that reminds us that as long as we have friends, we have solidarity.

This really touched me, so fuck it: five stars.

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