That Sinking Feeling ★★★½

Watched with the audio commentary by Bill Forsyth and Mark Kermode. Excited to hear Bill confirm that he is making another movie...but then you realise that this commentary was recorded five years ago already.

Couple of things I've never mentioned in either of my two previous (admittedly flimsy, half-arsed) reviews:

Colin Tully's generously warm, often jazz funk score sounds like it's just waiting for my man John Martyn to lay on a growling vocal track.

The guy playing The Wee Man is great. He was only twelve-years-old and was hanging around the Glasgow Youth Theatre when Forsyth cast him. Look at the scene after the heist, when Ronnie is arguing with Bobby about the driver in suspended animation, he's in the background but he's acting all the time. Some proper actors don't even realise they have to do that, and he nailed it at twelve.

The graffiti in the corridor to the flat's lifts reads 'ABBA ARE SHITE' which kind of sums up the era beautifully.

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