The Debt ★★★

I didn't think they made them like this any more. And they only sort of just about do here.

A solid espionage thriller with a few twists and some heart and angst. And its those latter components that begin to let the film down.

The scenes in 60s Berlin as they prepare for the mission and commence their surveillance leading up to the actual kidnapping and calamitous break out are the strongest parts of the film, and I kind of wished the film concentrated solely on this to be honest.

Once the angst took over in the latter half, set in 1997, the film began to sag and buckle under some implausible actions.

Oh and kudos to Marton Csokas who is very believable as the younger version of Tom Wilkinson. The casting directors chose very well there as he utterly convinces. Jessica Chastain is brilliant though less easier to imagine as Mirren later on, but no matter as her Rachel is a more affecting character, whilst Sam Worthington is at best passable in a role that craves moody silence and tortured depths which he doesn't convince in reaching. It's a shame Ciaran Hinds didn't have more to do as the older version.

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