True Lies ★★½

Remember when this came out and everyone said it had effectively killed the Bond franchise?


Even when faced with Pierce Brosnan, the least charismatic or likeable Bond, Arnie trying to convince with a multi-dimensional charming action man role falls incredibly short.

I know some people love this, but it's never really worked for me, primarily because I don't think it has the surest of tones. On the one hand, it seems to want to throw everything Bond does, and the kitchen sink, at the screen and satirise the whole thing. Yet on the other hand, it seems to legitimately want to be taken seriously as a contender, hence the 'Bond is over' buzz that surrounded it. And somewhere inbetween all of that, James Cameron throws in the subplot involving Jamie Lee Curtis and Bill Paxton.

As I've alluded to, the mistake is trying to get Arnie to play the secret agent extraordinaire and the happy family man. It's just too much of a stretch for the Austrian oak, and he has as many noticeable stunt doubles as Roger Moore had in his later years as Bond!

Also fuck Tom Arnold (always - how was he ever allowed to be a thing?), and fuck the casual racism and misogyny too.

There is one scene that made me chuckle though - just after Arnie tells Tom Arnold he suspects his wife his having an affair, you can clearly see a little old woman standing in the middle of the road with her neck craned to watch the filming!