Unicorn Store ★★★

Unicorn Store strangely reminded me of two films I've watched in the last twenty-four hours. It reminded me a little of Sorry to Bother You, because it's a story of someone who starts work at a place and is inducted into something exclusive, secretive, a little strange and to do with horses of a sort. And it reminded me of God Help the Girl, because it's as twee as fuck.

Whilst the lovely Brie Larson's directorial debut may appear overtly twee and whimsical but, beneath the surface, there's an interesting comment to be found on finding the mature balance between letting go of your past but at the same time not giving up on your dreams. It's a film that follows that current pattern of exploring a kind of existential crisis in central female characters, but it's no Adult Life Skills. What it is though is a sweet little ride with some really funny and really touching moments. Whilst it's far from a perfect film, it is important to remember that it is a debut, so I can forgive it its flaws. And just who is too old for a fairy tale? As Brie's character says at one point "Everyone needs some magic in their lives, even if they're all grown up".

Also it's really nice to see Samuel L. Jackson do something else other than the MCU/Tarantino treadmill he's currently. Given how much he seems to be enjoying himself here, I'm guessing he's quite happy to be off that treadmill for a little while too.

Number 77 in my 52 films by Women in 2019 challenge

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