Midsommar ★★★★½

In perfect balance with Hereditary. They come together like two acts of a play to convey the message of life and death, belief/the supernatural, and family.

Ari Aster literally smacked me in the face after having just smacked me with Hereditary. I am quickly falling in love with his form of storytelling. Ever since "slow burn" was introduced to me, I have always felt a pull to it. Midsommar is so beautifully delicate in slowly wrapping your feet and hands in floral ropes so it can pull you deeper.

The displays of colors and visual effects truly dragged me into an inverted rabbit hole that forced me to reflect upon my own perspective. At times, the story uncovered horrific images, but these moments were somehow uplifted as if manipulated by a puppet master. It held a powerful trance until the very end.

One of the best moments of the experience was hearing the nervous laughter from other people as we walked out of the theatre.

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