Elysium ★★★½

I really wanted to love this film, but it ended up being an enjoyable blockbuster and no more.

There was a lot of layering and nuance which could have been added which would have made me care more about what happened. There are attempts to do it but they almost seem like part of a different film. Ultimately it seemed like the intent was to make some cool gadgets (yes), do some futuristic stuff with Earth similar to the style of District 9 (yep got it) and then just have a lot of action scenes with robots (definitely).

It bothered me that we didn't find out much about Elysium, and our only real view of it was through Jodie Foster's cold presentation of the Secretary of Defense role. It also bothered me that we didn't really find out about what had happened to the relationship between the childhood friends since, how Spider came into the equation or really any of the bigger questions - like how somewhere like Elysium came about or the moral questions about provision of a cure all system for only the rich. And what was with all the languages and accents?

PS: big thumbs up though all the way for Sharlto Copley - another great performance!