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This review may contain spoilers.

If you're looking for a zombie film that's stupid fun, stick with the Resident Evil franchise.

I feel misled by the marketing for this. I was expecting a much more vibrant neon colour scheme, a little like the terrible Suicide Squad or maybe more appropriately, like Lollipop Chainsaw. For the most part, the colours felt muted in a bid to make a silly over-the-top zombie heist plot feel grounded and serious.

I was excited for this but worried it would be impacted by what I consider Snyder's increasingly shoddy writing, and that's what happened. It's definitely the writing I didn't like in the film because all the other components could have come together for something glorious if there was more holding them together.

Kate is a terrible, terrible character. Why does she care so much about Geeta? Why does she continue to care so much about finding Geeta once she's been given the news that implies Geeta's children are about to go nuclear? Wasn't the whole point that she wanted to save Geeta because she had a family or whatever? Kate is such a poorly motivated character, which lies in Snyder's writing.

So there was a bag containing something more valuable than all the money in the vault. Okay, so why do you need to reveal that information? Couldn't you continue to keep that a secret and instead of killing everyone and making it awkward for yourself, just kind of band together and get to the choppa and all of you would have been fine, and you'd have gotten away with the valuable bag you wanted? I guess we just need the forced drama. A poorly motivated betrayal.

The heist mostly feels like a wasted plot point outside of the 'you son of a bitch, I'm in' first act, at which point it becomes a conventional and expected zombie film which has been done better, including by Snyder himself when he wasn't trying too hard. It feels like it could have been a great mini-series where they could have expanded the plot and characters, or it feels like it could have been a great shorter film if it wasn't so slowly paced.

Can we please just get Snyder a better writing to work with? He's a perfectly fine director, he needs someone better who can give him half-decent stories.

Grade: D

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