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  • Brain on Fire

    Brain on Fire


    Her face alone should've won her an Academy Award.
    Here's hoping

  • A War

    A War


    A War of Who's right or Who's wrong?
    Extremist Islamic Members, Civilians, United States, NATO, Soldiers, Christians, Muslims, Ak-47, IED's, AR-15, M4, Drones, Languages, Culture, Friends, Family, Life or Death.
    War is always wrong, until it is right, and it is always unjust. War, it is inessential in it's desirable necessity, yet, it thrives, it'll always blossom.

    I try to think of the future of Afghanistan and Muslim people all over the world, but it's unfathomable.

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  • Black Mirror: White Christmas

    Black Mirror: White Christmas


    This should be inconceivable, but yet, here we are.

  • The Villainess

    The Villainess


    I just found my true religion...Action films like this bad motherfucker. I can go on for days spilling the tea, for this tough bitch, but I'll just tell you all to pull out them piggy banks and shower this movie not only with your crumbly ass stripper dollar bills, but your praise.