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  • The World of Kanako

    The World of Kanako


    High speed, razor sharp, and lightning fast visuals/cutting/editing.
    A mastermind demonic little teenager, brat. This must be on parallel to Oldboy. Leaves you trying to catch up from the previous take and tells an unapologetic "あなたにファック!" "Anata ni fakku!" "FUCK YOU!" to the viewer if you can't keep up or if it's too silly or graphic.

  • The Grudge 3

    The Grudge 3

    Yank that white Asian's fucking weave off!

    Kid be putting on a whiteface powder thicker than Michael Jackson. Where is his mamma, though? He be running, crawling, and creepin around in tighty-whities(shout out to Walter White). The only thing scary is the caca stains on that little boys underwear.
    All's I'm sayin is that boy be too damn big to be playing cat. Grow the fuck up and add yourself some cat ears and a puke rainbow filters on SnapChat, like a grown ass man.

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  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    Yes...Yes...Freakin YES!! This was awesome as you can tell.
    I love the weird real-life personality of Joaquin Phoenix.
    The music is played with such grace.
    There's no one butchering the English language like most Lynne Ramsay films, using words such as "ay?" or "mum" or "dod" or "for fock sakes lad".
    The foley noises aren't good, they come off sometimes as super really annoying(I understand it was to put us in his state of mind, but still). I couldn't understand…

  • Rings


    Aren't we all getting too tired of watching re-runs of the Ring video. I feel even if you wanted to contemplate suicide watching the video would be the last thing to do. The waiting list is just too long. 7 days warning is the phone call these characters receive. Many reboots later don't you think they'd be sending you a filtered photo to your Snapchat, or at least a text?
    It's also getting weird the way many horror films follow…