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  • Tully



    Charlize Theron, the Act of Becoming Someone Else

    The understanding of a character by reading letters tied together with words to form sentences is a tough accomplishment. It is even more impressive when an actor understands that character so much so that they can flesh out even the slightest bit of minute reactions. Some go a step further and not only put themselves in the shoes of that character, but also become that character. I believe Oscar winner Charlize Theron…

  • The First Purge

    The First Purge


    Today is king Black Panther's day to to PURGE!
    This was fantastically fun. A purge movie with actual character development and a semi-good story? Sign my Hispanic ass up right now, bitch. Same day voter registration and voting.

    Okay. Ok. Settle down.
    It takes a while for the purge to commence. Like a while. When it does it is not scary, thrilling, or suspenseful. BUT! It is so politically correct. It breathes the social status quo of our time.


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  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    I loved the story progression over the course of the film. But man oh man was there 99 problems and they were all plot holes. Twists and wrong decisions did not add up. 1+1=Giant Squid on a Gravitational Hole?!
    Ron Howard accomplished 25% of the film? In my view most of it looked a la Rush style with heavy amounts of color grading. I think it was for the better considering A Rogue One is still the worst piece of…

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


    WHO WINS?!
    Indoraptor vs Alien vs Predator vs Prometheus vs Jason vs Freddy Krueger vs Chucky vs Batman vs Charles Manson vs Marilyn Manson vs Leatherface vs Ghostface vs Michael Myers vs Bill Cosby vs Harvey Weinstein vs Jeff Goldblum acting vs Bryce Dallas Howard's boobs vs Daniela Pineda gap teeth vs Michael Strahan's gap vs Mike Tyson's face tattoo vs Chris Pratt's beautiful face.

    Trick question: Blue the female velociraptor

    side note: every 5 minutes pause it and the actor on screen gives a weird surprised/sad face like someone shitted on their morning cereal.