Mandrake has written 3 reviews for films rated ½ .

  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals

    A misogynistic anti abortion piece of garbage.

    Strip away the beauty and multitexturality and that's all you have. The story gives no quarter to the reasons abortion is a necessary right, or even the fundamental logic that some relationships do not work and pregnancy is not a promise. It manages to mangle itself into the epitomising demonstration of why abortion rights continue to be in danger from pro life bigots. The film is the essence of bigotry, only showing one…

  • Johnny Be Good

    Johnny Be Good


    Hall was a poster boy for passive toxic masculinity during the Brat Packing days due to his natural comedic talent being easily exploited by talentless writers who could only succeed during the popularity bubble that hyper bigoted comedies enjoyed for a while. This illustrates that teen comedy trend very well. Hall did this on the back of losing the part Modine played in Full Metal Jacket, which must've stung. No wonder he set his mind to playing against type for the rest of his life.

  • A Long Way Down

    A Long Way Down


    Such a terrible film. Whatever the the book got right, the film got wrong. Say what you will about Johnny Depp, but if track record means anything this film stood a good chance of working had Depp's pick for writer (D.V. DeVincentis) actually wrote the script, given the success that was the High Fidelity adaptation, and loyalty to the tone of the book despite the American switch. DeVincentis is an excellent writer, but even had he not been the pick…