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  • Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2


    Seriously (and selfishly), I would be content if Brad Bird spent the rest of his life making Incredibles movies. The first film remains (14 years later) not just my favorite Pixar film of all time, but my favorite superhero movie to date as well. It's smart, exciting, emotional, relevant, tonally on point, graphically of the few films of the last 20 years I would dub "perfect". So this long-desired sequel had a lot riding on it. Could it meet…

  • Hotel Artemis

    Hotel Artemis


    "This is America. Eighty-five percent of what I fix is bullet holes."

    I applaud seeing limited-budget, original (well, kind of), Sci-Fi efforts make it to the multiplexes amidst the familiar comfort food that the Summer Movie Season tends to offer up. However, unlike the surprising B-movie thrills that came while watching "Upgrade", Drew Pearce’s directorial debut barely reaches the level of serviceable time killer.

    Set in 2028 in a crime ridden Los Angeles, with violent rioting in the streets commonplace,…

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  • The Giant Behemoth

    The Giant Behemoth


    "I knew these creatures were alive somewhere, but I had no scientific proof, and I had to keep it to myself, or my colleagues would have all laughed at me."

    This American-British co-production is far less a cash-in on "Godzilla" than it is a damn near remake of the film that begat 1954's "Gojira"...WB's 1953 Science Fiction monster classic "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms". Hell, this film replicates entire scenes from the Ray Harryhausen stop-motion favorite. It's no surprise that…

  • Upgrade



    "Upgrade" is the R-rated, violent, sci-fi actioner you didn't know you wanted in a Summer Movie season filled with sequels, super heroes and female centric comedies.

    Early in the film, a mechanic (Logan Marshall-Green) and his wife are beaten and robbed...leaving her dead and him paralyzed. He agrees to an untested state-of-the-art surgery that implants into him an artificial intelligence called STEM. It allows him to walk again, but it also gives him enhanced abilities. When the A.I. detects a…

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  • The Deadly Spawn

    The Deadly Spawn


    What an imaginative, low budget horror gem. Made with passion and ingenuity, Douglas McKeown's 1983 cult favorite is an easy film to root for.

    Shot on 16 mm for a paltry $25,000, and mounted by a swath of first-timers behind and in front of the camera, you can feel the enthusiasm from the cast and crew leaping off the frame. Cribbing from cinematic influences such as “Alien” and “The Blob”, this is simply pure, lean, beastie feature fun. Shot in…

  • Cannonball



    David Carradine's tight pants bulge deserved its own steadicam.

    First viewing, and not surprisingly I loved this. What a treasure trove for die-hard fans of Corman's cast of regulars and New World Pictures. This and "The Gumball Rally" came out just over a month of one another in the Summer of '76, and both are easily superior to the more popular and successful film they directly led to..."Cannonball Run". Paul Bartel's entry to the 'large cast, long distance illegal vehicular…