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  • Vengeance



    It opens with an attention grabbing overhead rising crane shot, capturing an evocative image of a young man lassoed from multiple directions. As it spans further up and out, we see the various perpetrators on horseback, and the teen's garish fate seems all but sealed.

    "Right now he's riding the Devil in Hell!"

    Welcome to Director Antonio Margheriti's stylish and violent 1968 Italian oater "Vengeance", a lean and mean entry into the Spaghetti Western sweepstakes. This low budget affair proved…

  • The Night of a Thousand Cats

    The Night of a Thousand Cats


    "Alone, only a harmless pet... One thousand strong, they become a man-eating machine!"

    That tag-line from the U.S. poster ain't lying. Attractive ladies throughout Acapulco are seduced by a (constantly) helicopter flying Hugo Stiglitz, who whizzes them back to his remote, ancient castle for a little food, drink, swimming and sexcapades. Then (with an assist by his trusty mute Dorgo) he beheads them, jars their noggins for his growing collection, and feeds the rest of their bodies to his monstrous…

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  • Cannonball



    David Carradine's tight pants bulge deserved its own steadicam.

    First viewing, and not surprisingly I loved this. What a treasure trove for die-hard fans of Corman's cast of regulars and New World Pictures. This and "The Gumball Rally" came out just over a month of one another in the Summer of '76, and both are easily superior to the more popular and successful film they directly led to..."Cannonball Run". Paul Bartel's entry to the 'large cast, long distance illegal vehicular…

  • FM



    I've loved Tom Petty ever since I watched him on TV when I was in 5th/6th grade. "Damn The Torpedoes" came out a year or so later and that sealed the deal. While I prefer that early stretch of amazing albums (from '76 - '82 specifically), he remained relevant through his entire career...something many of his peers can't boast. I'm gutted by the news today, made all the worse by coming on the day following the horrible music festival shootings…