King Kong vs. Godzilla

King Kong vs. Godzilla ★★★½

"This heavyweight bought between two giants of the industry features two undefeated rivals.

Introducing first.... from the red corner. Standing at 158 feet tall and weighing just over 21,000 tons. Hailing from Faro Island. One of the best brawlers of the last decade. With 22 wins, 18 by way of knockout. Opponents fear him, and the ladies love him. The only fighter who takes his earnings in bananas. The 8th Wonder of the World...KONG!

His opponent...from the green corner. Standing at 164 feet and weighing 23,000 tons. All the way from Monster Island. Rated by many as the best pound for pound pugilist on the planet. A record of 27 wins, 19 by knockout...including his infamous one second victory over Bambi! Immune to conventional weaponry, and able to snap high tension wires with a single step. The King of the Monsters...GODZILLA!

Gentlemen, let's keep this a clean fight. No hitting below the belt. Boulder tossing and MMA moves are allowed. Shake paws and claws and come out fighting!”

Watched the Americanized version of the biggest hit of the classic Godzilla series with my son over the weekend. Ishirō Honda loads the film with monster footage, which helps to appease viewers put out by the iffy American scenes that were added. Fun effects by the great Eiji Tsuburaya, and a engaging cast of familiar faces including Kenji Sahara ("Rodan"), Tadao Takashima ("Atragon"), Yū Fujiki ("The Hidden Fortress"), the gorgeous Akiko Wakabayashi ("Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster"), and a wildly comic turn by Ichirō Arishima ("The Lost World of Sinbad").

Dubbed, deranged and delightful. Still holding out hope for a stateside release of the original Japanese cut some day. Recommended!

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