Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★★½

The thing about satires is the fact they might not always land. They might look too ridiculous to seem smart. And they might look too modern to not feel like it simply just wants to live in the moment.

So, what is going on, Dr. Randall Mindy and his PhD student, Kate Dibiasky discover a coment. Actually, she discovers the comet, and he does the math regarding the comet's trajectory. Well, it is coming to Earth, so panic, right? No, and then Adam Mckay does exactly what we expect him to do with the film. And I admit, he does most things in a chaotic, messy and many times sloppy way. He gets tons of characters to add up to an already complex (although not complicated) plot. The president (well, I think Meryl Streep looks great as the president by the way) doesn't really care, her useless son is the chief of staff, the morning show hosts just sugarcoat everything, newspapers only care about the stories if they sell, some people believe it's all an hoax. It's pretty much the world we live in, and Adam Mckay does not write it very well. I say that with absolute determination, as there were big portions of the film with terrible writing. Some dialoges just came out of nowhere and didn't make sense, despite that being the best thing that could happen during that moment sometimes, other times it was just too much.

But during the whole film I couldn't stop thinking how real it felt. I'm not american, and the film is pretty much directed to american audiences, however, we live in the digital age where information goes from one place to the other as fast as simply saying words. There were things I though to myself "wow, this looks so fake", and then I would think "does it actually?" as I had seen similar things on the internet. In Europe as well, but this is an american film.

And with that being said, it's a film that I think won't work for most people. Satires are hard to swallow and you're either in for it or you just won't be. I think I was, because as the film was over, I had a constant reminder of what life is all about and how humanity relates to the thought of life. And I do admit the comedic scenes were terrible, the timing was mostly off and Adam Mckay seemed to insist on having comedy all over the film to lighten the mood perhaps, but this was the kind of film that needed to be more serious. And while it wasn't, it did work for me. Strange thought uh?

By the way, the mid-credits and post-credits scenes are terrible. They are played for laughs but they almost ruined my experience.

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