Out 1

Out 1 ★★★★

Now this one. This one. THIS... ONE. This one was a real challenge. I really am glad to say that I came out alive from it.

So, thanks to mubi's library I've got to see this one. Something that I really wanted to do once I heard about the existence of this one. And it can be really hard sometimes, time really goes on. I'm not joking, it really does go on and on sometimes. And despite that, now I see it as a good thing because it has contributed to the paranoid feeling of the film and made kind of part of it since it's filmed in the style of cinéma vérité.

For the hardcore cinephiles, especially for those in love with french cinema and the Nouvelle Vague, this one is for you. But be warned, it will test you. No joke, it really wil.

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