Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

This film reminded me how much I miss concerts. The first few seconds had a big impact on me. Being surrounded with music is such a great feeling, and for a brief moment in time, I felt just like I was in a small space with a band just giving their all out.

My housemate has 6 months of amazon prime for free, so I had to watch this one. This is a very auditory experience, I suggest you watch this film with headphones or in a silent place. It is not all about the performance. And now that I've mentioned it, Riz Ahmed was very very good. There is a scene with a simple close-up on his face and it had a huge impact on me. Back to sound, because that's what the film is all about. The great thing director Darius Marder did was to train our ears. So when things go wrong, the absence of sound feels bigger. And most of the film is silent, and not in a literal manner. So, you suddenly lost your earing, what are you gonna do? Eventually, acceptance is in order, and that's when we listen to the absence of sound. A very soothing sensation in the middle of the despair.

It made me think about deafness and what it is like to live in that manner. It does take guts to face life on those terms.


The scene where Lou is singing beautifuly with her father, and suddenly when we start to hear what Ruben is hearing was like a slow knife in my heart.

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