Nope ★★★½

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Nope is a beautiful, complex, thrilling, and frustratingly confusing film. Unlike Peele’s previous films, Nope is not concrete, in any sense. This can either be a good or bad thing, depending on the type of movie-viewer you are. Regardless, if you want to at least enjoy the film, my one piece of advice is: don’t go into the theater expecting answers like with Get Out and Us—go in expecting an experience. This is your first watch of a Jordan Peele film. You will not understand everything. I most certainly did not. But I can see that intention is there. I can also say will full confidence that Nope is the first film that has been an immersive experience. Not just seeing a movie—but feeling it. Nope will leave you either at the edge of your seat waiting for whatever awe is to come in the next shot, or leave you hiding, shaking from the sheer terror that you’re witnessing. What Nope lacks in clarity, it most definitely makes up for with originality, Oscar-worthy performances, and—you guessed it—a spectacle.

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