Fade to Black

Fade to Black ★★★½

This protagonist has a throbbing hard-on for Marilyn Monroe to the point things could genuinely get uncomfortable if you're a fan of hers. And yeah I'm sure that was intentional but seriously, he crosses paths with an Australian model who is embracing life as a Monroe lookalike and he IMMEDIATELY fantasizes her giving him the 'Happy Birthday Mr. President' treatment and begins trying to date her, his bedroom walls sport dozens of pictures and posters of Marilyn including several nude photos, he jerks off to a large poster of her mounted on the ceiling over his bed then promptly apologizes to her for it, he angrily argues that Marilyn is still alive, he uses the lookalike to (sort of) recreate the Psycho shower scene, etc. etc. that's not even all. If the plot had him as a Monroe fanatic specifically this might make sense, but ostensibly he's just a general film buff so it's odd to keep referring to one particular actress so much more than anyone else.

Maybe I'm being precious because I am a Monroe fan who happened to be in the midst of reading a rather touching biography of her when I saw this but it's all just a bit much IMO. I don't get the sense that they meant to be disrespectful to Monroe, to be clear, I just think the movie would've benefitted from dialling that aspect down a couple notches.

Setting that aside, this was a fun enough watch. Your enjoyment will be much enhanced if you're a classic American film nerd.

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